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Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics

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With the market opening in the WTO/TBT trading environment, mutual recognition of technical qualifications and internationalization of standards are strongly required in accordance with the upgrading of the quality and safety level of products subject to import and export due to market opening. ISO 18436 has been established to define a skilled engineer with the ability to condition monitoring and diagnostics as a core technology for safe operation and extended life of plant machinery including power plants. Therefore, professional technicians from the field of condition monitoring and diagnostics are the key personnel in O&M field of all machinery facilities. In particular, those who are highly qualified for overseas contracts for power plants, chemical plants, and construction projects are required.

The Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics (KCIMD) has trained professional technicians from the field of condition monitoring and diagnostics based on the international standard ISO 18436 and ISO/IEC 17024. Currently, it is certified in three parts; vibration, oil debris analysis and infrared thermography according to ISO 18436.

On November 27, 2015, KCIMD was recognized as a personnel certification body from Korea Accreditation Board based on ISO 18436 and ISO/IEC 17024. ISO/IEC 17024 calls for mutual recognition of technicians by establishing mutual agreements (MLA) between countries with national accreditation bodies. Therefore, the certified person who has been qualified in KCIMD will become a technician who is widely welcomed in the world.

As the expansion of FTA is anticipated, it is expected to that plants (power generation, chemical industry, etc.) and shipbuilding industries will be able to expand their human resources service market based on international standards. KCIMD has trained professional technicians who can operate internationally. It can prevent overseas leakage of the cost of O&M including condition monitoring and diagnostics for export products, and can be used to enhance the reliability of products, to ensure quality assurance, and to evaluate their life span. KCIMD hopes to contribute to improvement of domestic industry development and national standard technology.

Thank you. Seok Jun Moon, President