Auxiliary organ of Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics

Fairness Statement

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  • Fairness Statement

The Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics (KCIMD) shall manage the conflicts of interests that may arise during the performance of the business and guarantee the objectivity of the certification activities in order to fairly perform the certification work and provide reliable certification services. For this purpose, KCIMD promises following arrangements.

  • KCIMD shall apply the certificate practices and procedures fairly to applicants, candidates and certified persons, and shall maintain all ties fairly.
  • KCIMD will not allow any threatening and potential pressures, such as commercial pursuit, access to personal connections and intimidation, that interferes with the provision of objective certification services.
  • KCIMD will not take any action that negatively affects the credibility of the certification, including openness and public perceptions.
  • In order to maintain fairness and to ensure smooth operation of certification services, KCIMD will operate a non-property management committee composed of persons who are not affected by commercial, financial or other pressures.
  • KCIMD will review the fairness of examination, certification and decision process at least once a year.
  • KCIMD will identify threats to its impartiality on an ongoing basis and minimize potential conflicts of interest that may arise from activities of certification bodies.
  • All personnel belonging to KCIMD promise not to engage in any actions that will hinder confidentiality, objectivity, and fairness in performing the business.