Auxiliary organ of Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

Korea Certification Institute for Machine Diagnostics


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  • Training Bodies
  • Responsibilities

Training Body Shall

  • Develop, maintain and implement a technically based, practical training program that prepares an individual to carry out tasks in machinery condition monitoring and diagnosis and which may lead to classification as evidence of their qualifications;
  • Administer the procedures and operations for training with modern educational procedures and facilities;
  • Take the ultimate responsibility for the training procedures and content, including technical and administrative requirements;
  • Ensure the adherence to training curricula as specified in the relevant part(s) of ISO 18436 (see the complete listing in the Foreword), and use the terminology given in ISO 13372;
  • Approve properly staffed and equipped training centres which it shall monitor on a periodic basis;
  • Approve the candidate’s eligibility for training on the basis of prerequisite fulfillment
  • Authorize the time, location of the training, training centre, and instructor for each course or program
  • Prepare and distribute training materials consistent with the technical requirements in the relevant part(s) of ISO 18436 (see the complete listing in the Foreword);
  • Select, evaluate and instruct qualified trainers based on education and experience;
  • Prepare and implement training examinations at the training sessions and provide assessment of progress to participants;
  • Issue certificates of completion of training;
  • Keep appropriate records of the operations of training;
  • Maintain records of training examinations;
  • Maintain records of training evaluation forms;
  • Monitor all delegated functions.